Youth day
Energy Challenge 2.0

back to the future

The Subsoil Energy Case was developed by experts from the Higher Economic School for Youth Day 2020 - Energy Challenge 2.0. The case is the final evaluation task for the contestants.

It presents the history of Subsoil Energy, particularly its strategic decisions on entering the markets and changing its project portfolio.

In the 21st century, Subsoil Energy has been facing new challenges, which have forced the management to consider changing the company’s name, determine new market trends, adapt its business-portfolio to the new realities and form a new portfolio best suited to increase the yield and provide minimal carbon intensity.

In the search for strategic solutions, the company is assisted by participants in the tournament who are put into teams. They will present their decisions to the company's Board of Directors, which is the jury of the Youth Day.

The students are provided with information about the company, the current project portfolio and new potential projects. The company's goals and expectations are reflected in interviews with its directors, inserted in the case.

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